New Delhi 31st October, 2020: A 6-day workshop was jointly organised by MTB, JIH and APDUMT, JMI on the theme ‘preparation of Urdu textbooks for primary level students’ at Markaz, Jamaat-e-Islami HInd from 26th-31st October, 2020.

The workshop began with recitation of holy verses of Quran by Maulana Shafeek Alam Nadvi.
In his presidential speech Mr. Md. Saleemullah Khan, Assistant Secretary, Markazi Taleemi Board said that the main purpose of education is to promote moral values, enlighten cultural values and to provide mental and intellectual training to students as per today’s demand. “To enhance their teaching skills, teachers of rural areas should also be equipped with resources of information and technology” he added.
Prof. Ahmad Mahfooz, Honorary Director, APDUMT, JMI, said that it is more difficult to prepare primary level textbooks than higher level textbooks. “Academic ability and practical experiences are required to prepare textbooks while keeping in mind the psychology of children, their interest and mental level,” he further said. “Therefore, the participation of university and school teachers as well as experts from training institutes was ensured in this workshop,” he added.
Dr. Asif Zehri, Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, said that the primary level urdu texbook for class 1 prepared in this workshop is undoubtedly very good. “This book will be very useful to children for learning Urdu language,” he said.
Ms. Ayesha Rehman, TGT, Middle School, JMI, New Delhi said on the occasion that textbooks in Urdu are very much available but primary level textbooks needed to be reviewed from many points of view. She further said it is a matter of happiness that a book is being prepared while keeping in view all the aspects in the workshop.
On the concluding day of the workshop, Program Co-ordinator Dr. Hina Afrin, Asstt. Professor, APDUMT, JMI presented the report and briefed on the proceedings of the six-day workshop and the rules and regulations followed while preparing this Urdu textbook for primary level class 1.
Dr. Wahid Nazeer, professor, APDUMT, JMI conducted the proceedings of the concluding session. At the end of the workshop, certificate for participation were awarded. Finally, Maulana Inamullah Falahi, Co-ordinator, Markazi Taleemi Board,thanked all the participants for attending the workshop. The workshop was attended by Prof. Ahmed Mahfooz, Dr. Asif Zehri, Maulana Inamullah Falahi, Maulana Shafeek Alam Nadvi, Dr. Wahid Nazeer, Dr. Hina Afrin, Dr. Nowshad Alam, Ms. Ayesha Rehman, Dr. Muhammad Arif and Dr. Salma Rafique.
With dua of Maulana Inamullah Falahi the workshop came to an end.