Chairman’s Message

Mujtaba Farooque

Chairman, Markazi Taleemi Board


Any community or movement cannot ignore the process of education. Its survival and development depend on how best it organizes the education of its future generations and how well it arranges to transmit its beliefs, thoughts, and ideologies to them. Keeping this in mind, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has paid great attention to education since its inception. Jamaat started schools all over the country, designed syllabi in various languages, organized training programs for teachers and undertook various endeavours to improve the standard of education of educational institutions.
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has a clear vision about education in the light of Islamic teachings Jamaat and its institutions are discharging their duty of educating the younger generation according to that vision. Jamaat has always felt the need for all these educational institutions to be guided according to a clear policy. This was the basic motive for Jamaat to formulate a “Central Education Policy”.

Considering the importance of education and for the educational upliftment of Muslims and despite exerting continuous efforts at every level in the field of education, there was always a feeling that still greater efforts should be extended towards education from the perspective of “Tehreek” (Islamic Movement). The work of Jamaat in the field of education is spread across various departments and institutions and hence there is a feeling of a lack of uniformity of purpose and deficiency in mutual communication and coordination between them. Keeping these needs in mind, Jamaat has started the Markazi Taleemi Board (Central Education Board). The real purpose of establishing the Board is to realize the concept of the Islamic Movement and implement its education policy.
We hope that the other educational institutions of the community also progress along similar lines so that the students studying in these institutions become true and obedient servants of their Creator. May Allah accept our efforts and grant us the grace to serve His cause.