Inamullah Falahi

Inamullah Falahi

M.A., M.Ed.





He has been working in the Markazi Taleemi Board as a co-ordinator.

His works includes (i) proofreading & editing books (ii) co-ordination work in textbook preparation

(iii) Participation in the Markazi Talemi Board’s workshop for finalization of the textbook.

Previous work experiences: 

  • Principal and Arabic & Islamic Studies Lecturer from Jamia Misbahul Uloom Chaukoniya, U.P. from March, 2000 to April, 2011.
  • Worked as an Arabic translator and orator in the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Riyadh, KSA.
  • Worked as a Lecturer in Jamia Islamia Tilkahna, (a residential Arabic medium inter college), S.Nagar, U.P. from 1999 to February, 2000.
  • Worked as a secretary in the Research Centre, College of Education, KSA, Riyadh from 1995 to 1997.

Educational Qualification:

  • A. Literary Arabic & Arab Cultures from AMU in 1987
  • Ed (Modern Arabic & Translation Studies) from King Saud University, Riyadh in 2002
  • Ed (Arabic Teaching) from King Saud University, Riyadh in 1998
  • A. (Islamic Studies) from Riyadh University in 1998
  • Fazilah from Jamiatul Falah, Azamgarh in 1985
  • A’lmiyah from Jamiatul Falah, Azamgarh in 1983
  • Diploma in Modern Arabic Language from Riyadh University in 1992
  • Advanced Diploma in Modern Arabic Translation Studies from JMI, Delhi in 1988
  • Diploma in Functional Arabic from NCPUL, New Delhi in 2010

His other activities/ engagement: 

His articles have also been published in various Arabic & Urdu dailies, fortnightly newspapers and magazines in India and abroad.

Delivered lectures on various topics in Arabic institutions in India and abroad.

Attend academic and cultural seminars and symposiums held in India and abroad.

He has got a privilege to work with renowned international scholars and translators like Engg. Mustafa Mohammad Tahhan (Kuwait), Dr. Mohammad Mahmood Al-Sayyam (Yamen), Dr. Zahid Bukhari (USA), Dr. Sulaiman Alateqi (Kuwait), Engg. Nadir Noori (Kuwait).

He has visited several countries like KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and Nepal.