New Delhi, 5th Sept. 2021: Chairman of the Markazi Taleemi Board, JIH, Mr. Mujtaba Farooq has called on teachers to prepare their students for nation building that can eradicate the atmosphere of hatred.

On the occasion of the Teachers’ Day, the chairman of the MTB, JIH said, “the future of the country is decided in schools, where the new generation is shaped and nurtured. Hence, teachers play an important role in nation building. Islam too holds teachers in highest regard. Even Islam instructs students and pupils to respect their teachers like a father. In the same way, teachers should have the same qualities of a father. Just like a father, they have to love, motivate and supervise their students.”

Pointing out that the teaching profession is now gradually losing its prestige, Mr. Farooq has asserted that society should give teachers the place they deserve. He instructed students to give their teachers respect and love. Similarly, he urged teachers to realize their place and serve according to their position and status. “Today, teaching has become a profession. But from an Islamic point of view, it is not just a profession but a great responsibility. They are accountable to Almighty Allah, who will question them about this responsibility. The training and purification is absent from the contemporary education field. Teachers are just transferring information or knowledge from one brain to another or from book to person. They are preparing students only for exams while they have the responsibility to enhance their learning abilities and inculcate them good habits and positive mindset,” he added.

Calling on teachers to train their students to be the best citizens as well as prepare well for the Hereafter, Mr. Farooq said, “the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is too underlined on to prepare students for the nation building, make them good citizens and teach them their rights and responsibilities in a constitutional manner. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to inculcate these qualities in students and teach them to understand and respect each other’s religions. Impart them an education that can enable them to cope with the communal environment and to eradicate the atmosphere of hatred.”

Asking teachers to learn the latest technology and study educational psychology, Mr. Farooq said that children have different abilities, teachers should try to develop these abilities and hone their natural talent.