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Registrations Open: NOW
Register by: 21 June 2021
Courses Commence: 21 June 2021 onwards

Learning Platform: TISSx , an Open edX based MOOC platform from TISS

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# Name of Course Registrations End
And Course Begins
1 C-02: Constructive Teaching and Learning with Technology – Part 1 21 June 2021
2 E-08: Mentoring for Teacher Professional Development 21 June 2021
3 E-03: Hands-on Learning through Toy-making 28 June 2021
4 E-06: Teaching Literature: Strategies for Short Stories 28 June 2021

For each course listed above:

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Fees: ₹2500/-

These courses are standalone ones that can be taken together or individually. They are a part of the post-graduate Reflective Teaching with ICT (RTICT) programme for in-service teachers from the Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE, CEIAR), TISS, Mumbai.

These courses aim to make use of thoughtful pedagogy focusing on the co-construction of knowledge and integrating ICT in education. They are practice-based and guide learners to reflect on their practice.

Who can join these courses?

Anyone interested who has:

  • Completed graduation.
  • Access to 5-10 students (any age) to teach.
  • Computer/laptop /mobile with internet access.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. Once you have successfully completed the course you will get a digital certificate from TISS , just as one does on other MOOCs, that you can print and keep for your records.

How Do I Enroll?

Watch this video to know how to enrol and pay:

What if I have more questions?

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