About Us


The importance of education for any community and movement cannot be overemphasized, especially in Muslims where education is an obligation. One of Jamat-e-Islami Hind’s objective since its inception has been imparting quality education across the nation. Some of the major works being undertaken by JIH is establishment of schools and madrasas, improving academic standards by preparing curriculum, professional development of school leaders and teachers, career guidance to students and many other activities in the field of education.

Working on Education for 70 Years

The Markazi Taleemi Board (Central Education Board), in short MTB, is a department of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. In order to bring change in education and upliftment, especially of minorities in all states of India, JIH’s Shob-e-Taleem’s name has been changed into Markazi Taleemi Board (MTB).
Since its inception, the MTB has been on the march with absolute dedication to bring about education change. Apart from JIH’s other religious, social and economic welfare of people, it has also been striving for the educational upliftment of minorities for the last 70 years in India. JIH’s Shob-e-Taleem (department of education) was established in 1990 mainly for the upliftment of minorities’ education. JIH and its Shob-e-Taleem have till now established more than 871 educational institutions, 775 part-time schools, 574 adult-education centres, 600 centres for correspondence courses, 4 professional colleges, 2 mini ITIs etc. Apart from above, JIH’s department of education is also establishing coaching for old age people, organizing teachers’ training program time to time, distribute scholarships to weaker and deserving students of minority communities, publishing syllabus and Islamic books to impart modern, moral, value-based, quality, Islamic education and developing habits of reading in students.


Markazi Taleemi Board of India works in partnership with educators, schools, universities and associated organizations to foster the development, growth and quality of education primarily by establishing networks, providing resources, disseminating knowledge, nurturing leadership and carrying out critical and foundational research on various aspects of education-ecosystem.


Markazi Taleemi Board of India envisions and works towards guiding, supporting and motivating schools and educational institutions to become centers of excellence for learning and leadership. It develops capacity building of these centers of learning to nurture and encourage Indian youth for developing their innate creativity and inquisitive spirit in the pursuance of academic excellence whilst adhering to the ethical principles of moral virtue and noble character.