Aims and Objectives

To keep abreast of the latest developments, research and innovations in the education
sector, to participate in them in the light of Islamic philosophy of education as well as
JIH’s educational policy, and apprise the same to our member schools.

To keep abreast of the government’s educational policy and decisions, steps to be taken by schools, government bodies and non-governmental organizations.

Advise and make necessary recommendations to in the curriculum; to hold symposia; take
legal recourse and to hold, if necessary, protests with the help of departments working in internal affairs or milli protection against certain government policies.

To evaluate schools of JIH or member schools managed by the like-minded professionals and accredit them. To improve and elevate their standards and implement MTB’s Educational Policies

To provide training and guidance to teachers, school administration etc. for effective implementation of MTB’s Educational Policy.

To guide and supervise educational boards and educational departments set up across the Indian States (Halqa)

To set up new bodies in accordance with the planning and help establish independent bodies with the help of associates.

To prepare curriculum in Urdu, English and Hindi as well as prepare respective manuals, work books, digital materials, etc. for school leaders, teachers and students.

To participate in important governmental, non-governmental Indian and international meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. and represent JIH.

To keep in contact with important organizations, agencies, research bodies, scholars etc. working in the field of education in India and abroad and find ways to cooperate with

To take necessary measures on educational awareness on our own accord and educate State Headquarters (Halqa) towards these measures, especially the states and regions which are relatively backward in education sector.

To collect and disseminate information about various government schemes for education
and ensure benefiting from them fully; also recommend the government important schemes.

To coordinate with Non-Governmental Organizations on various educational schemes and ensure that these schemes reach the Muslim communities